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i-HETP aims to raise inclusion in higher education, improving the learning experience and employability options of all students with or without disabilities.

Inclusive and diverse work environment with group of people featuring different gender, ethnicities and abilities.
Inclusive and diverse learning and working environment

Our Approach

i-HETP aims for sustainable inclusion in higher education through the enhancement of professors’ readiness to tutor students with diverse types of disabilities, thus complementing the technical and scientific knowledge acquired in their academic education.


i-HETP mission is guided by the following values:

  • Inclusion: All students will benefit from being tutored by professors with enhanced pedagogic skills and from the production of more accessible pedagogic materials. Inclusion starts by not excluding anyone from needing or being able to benefit from the project.
  • Diversity: People have distinctive characteristics, abilities, preferences. All data collected and treated towards clustering profiles with similar characteristics serves the only purpose of tending to specific needs of sets of people fitting the acknowledge profiles. Acknowledging diversity is the first step to best tend everyone more effectively.
  • Equality: Tending all students equally is different from treating all students the same. Tending to each specific needs assures everyone will have the most equal opportunity to successfully attend higher education courses and enjoy the academic experience.
  • Ecology: The project aims to employ the best green practices while promoting this value in all training content. From no printing policies, efficient use of energetic resources and green traveling, all efforts will be made to create a minimal ecological footprint.
  • Sustainability: The project targets the long-term well-being of those directly impacted by the program and indirectly those targeted by their actions and in their social networks. Higher education professors trained in inclusive pedagogic methodologies will improve the learning experience of their students, export the inclusion practiced in higher education to the corporate world that will employ them and will hopefully influence their peers to attend the project or similar initiatives.